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    Our breeding philosophy

    Great horses with great minds

    At La Magdelaine we breed Paint and Quarter Horser, destined to become leisure horses and/or western riding/reining/cutting athletes.

    It all started in 2006 when we fell in love with these two terrific breeds. Their wonderful disposition and fantastic energy create a tasty cocktail for an outstanding recreational and versatile horse. Orignally La Magdelaine was situated in the Limousin but we have now settled down in the South Finistère at the 'Haras de la Mer blanche', Fouesnant.

    Our goal : A healthy mind in a healthy body!

    Our aim is to breed horses that are mentally and physically healthy and a reiable family companions.
    Over the years we have carefully selected the members of our breeding facility : two stallions and a small group of mares and babies, all selected on their mental and physical qualities and as a little bonus, color.

    We now hope to expand and improve our herd on our new location in Brittany.

    "We encourage future owners to form their horses themselves(with the help of a professional if needed) thus preventing unexplained injuries or behaviour.

    Create your own horse !

    We are a professional breeding facility of Quarter horses and Paint horses.
    Each year we offer a few foals for sale.

    Being a smallscale operation we know all our horses personally and we can help you make the perfect match.

    So if you are tired of riding the 'formatted' horses you can find in riding schools and you are ready to make this big step to owning an own horse and you are looking for a relation of confidence and harmony with your future equine friend (whether its as family or competitive horse) : drop by and let us know what you are looking for - we are pretty sure we can help you !

    Owning a horse is a longlasting commitment and replacing a horse that does not suit your needs is often difficult and heartbreaking.

    If you are patient and prefer to build a longlastingrelationship with your partner then why not choose a foal. If you feel you have the abilities to guide your young horses (being patience, common sense and logic), with or without help of a pro then then starting from scratch might be a goo idea.

    As breeders, our work begins more than a year before the birth of a foal.

    Having made the choice to breed Paint and Quarter horses horses, selecting the sire and dam and the best possible combination helps us to ensure the mental and physical health of the babies.
    parents and best breeding we already rely on a future horse physically and mentally balanced.
    Through healthy management, a comfortable and safe living environment, perfect care for newborns and basic education that we provided to each foal we try to give them a great start in life. The natural herd life also contributes to a harmonious growth and learning of social skills of the youngsters.
    We believe in all modesty that through our strict selection and the time devoted to the well-being and good education of the foal we will have planted the first seeds of what will be a great equine friend.

    Why not take it up from there and 'create' your own horse ?

    Our foals are naturally curious and eager to learn. Each has its own personality but each and every one trusts the human beings.

    There are plenty of things to do and to teach a young horse before the first ride - up to you to write the next chapters in his life...


    Happy outgoing horses...

    Our foals are naturally curious and love to learn.
    They all have their own specific temperament but each and every one has the greatest confidence in 'their humans' and enjoy having human leadership and care.


    We are proud to say that a lot of our clients keep in touch and give us regular updates about our foals that have now become adult horses.

    We consider it very important to match the right horse to the right person. If, according to us, none of our foals fits a potential client then we try to direct this person to other breeders who work according to the same principles.


    We think we all have to work towards the promotion of these great horses as American breeds such as Quarter and Paint horses are still relatively unknown in France and their enormous versatility is not yet entirely appreciated.
    Each year we are amazed by the fantastic temperament of our foals - we have actually started to call the the 'Yes we can'...

    We think that type and temperament are more important than color so you will see that some of our babies are solid APHA. These paint 'without color' are slightly cheaper than their colorful relatives but we are still proud of what we do and think that it's a good solution for clients who might not have the budget for a Quarter Horse as our babies have the same physical and mental abilities.
    This is why some of our broodmares are Quarter Horses and our breeding stallion is not homozygous. However, he carries some great bloodlines and has an excellent temperament.

    Breeding is not easy...it is a matter of rigorous selection and choices but we love to share our passion with our clients, many of whom have become friends, and to show off their potential to newcomers in the breed.…


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