Bridezilla sends ex-bridesmaid £840 invoice to 'cover hen do, cake and bouquet' – for wedding she didn’t even attend

A BRIDEZILLA has left people reeling by sending an £840 invoice to her former bridesmaid – who didn't even attend her wedding.

The baffling bill covered costs for the hen do, cake and bouquet – and comes after the friends fell out over money.

Posting on Facebook, the ex-bridesmaid, who is also getting married, said: "In January (4 months before my friend's wedding) she asked me to contribute £260 towards her side of her hen weekend away.

"I said I couldn't afford to pay for her plus myself. So I politely told her I couldn't as my partner had just lost his job. (Hen weekend hadn't been booked)."

Sounds reasonable, right? But the bride and groom didn't think so, and started trying to charge her for other extras.

She added: "Her partner then called me and told me I had to contribute £580 towards the wedding to cover costs of their cake and her bouquet.

"I was shocked. I asked what was going on and said I wasn't prepared to pay that.

"He told me I had to pay for the hen weekend on top of this and that I have to pay by the end of February without fail.

"… I told them to stick it and that I didn't want to be a part of their day. (I then blocked them both).

"Which leads to today! I came home to find that they have invoiced me! £840!"

The post was shared on Reddit, where it racked up more than 2,800 likes.

Commenting on the thread, people slammed: "This sounds way over the top" and "asking guests to pay for the wedding is WILD."

One person said: "You did the right thing. They can’t afford the wedding they want and are willing to sacrifice their friends to get it. Don’t just walk, run away from these people."

Another baffled Redditor wrote: "The guests should never be asked to pay a penny of the cost of the wedding or be pressured to buy a gift. This kind of entitled behavior is becoming more common, and it is unacceptable. Unless we want it to become normal, people have to become comfortable saying no."

A third added: "Traditionally the reception is the party thrown to thank your guests for attention your ceremony, not an opportunity to charge people in attendance to recoup your expenses. This bride is something else."

While a fourth slammed: "Why don’t these people who either can’t afford, or don’t want to pay for a splashy wedding just have a courthouse wedding and a small party later? Since when are weddings fund raisers? Send these folks a book on etiquette and manners as a wedding gift and be done with them. Sheesh."

And another concluded: "Of course you don't pay if you don't go."

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