Calculator trick goes viral as it predicts people's age EVERY time using shoe size – but not everyone’s convinced | The Sun

A CALCULATOR trick has gone viral after stunning social media by correctly predicting their age using their shoe size.

Many couldn’t believe it when the seemingly magic device managed to tell them how old they were. 

One TikTok user called Georgie, aka @msmartinez_xx, took to her account to share how “mindblown” she was after giving it a go herself and telling others how they could try it too. 

She uploaded a video of her taking her followers through the step by step process, before showing them her results.

She explained: “They say if you put in your shoe size, plus two 00’s minus the year that you were born, plus the year that we’re in now, you should get this number.”

Georgie then did so, as she showed the final figure was “338”. 

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She continued: “The last two digits are how old you are or how old you’re going to be this year.”

Georgie added: “I even tried it for my kid and it’s correct.” 

After she shared the video, which has been liked more than 3000 times, many of Georgie’s followers said they’d tried it too and couldn’t believe their eyes.

One wrote: “Yep, worked for me.” Another added: “Wow. It defo works.”

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However, others were quick to point out that the equation is just simple maths and not magic at all.

One person wrote: “People surprised it worked – it is maths – clue the show size adds nothing to this ‘trick’.”

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A second said: “Doesn’t matter what shoe size you put in.”

While a third added: “Or just subtract your DOB from 2022.”

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