Cleaning fanatic gets rid of grim stains on her mattress using £1.50 Home Bargains spray

IF you've owned your mattress for a good few years, then chances are it's already covered in a good few stains.

On the one hand, you can continue pretending to ignore them whenever you change the sheets. (Guilty as charged).

Or alternatively, you could actually do something to tackle them.

Well if you find yourself in the second category, then you've already won the half the battle – because cleaning fans are singing the praises of a £1.50 spray which promises to get rid of unsightly stains in minutes.

Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one woman shared impressive before-and-after photos of her mattress after using The Pink Stuff's Oxi Stain Remover.

She wrote: "Just wanted to show off how amazing this stuff is and super cheap! Pink Stuff Oxi stain remover-£1.50 home bargains.

"Mattress suffered from sweat marks (on my partners side not mine!)"

After spotting the stains, the woman bought a mattress protector and was even considering getting a whole new mattress before trying the spray.

She continued: "Thought I’d try this first … literally sprayed a lot on, rubbed it in for a minute using an Elbow Grease sponge and left to dry."

Having used it on three different occasions, the stain is now barely noticeable – and other members of the group were blown away.

"Love it," one fan replied. "It's well good!"

Another added: "Good shout!"

"This looks great," a third gushed.

What's more, cleaning fans have been raving about The Pink Stuff cleaning paste can be used to spruce up ANYTHING – including grimy patios, filthy ovens & mouldy grout.

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