Emily Ratajkowski Dyes Hair Platinum Blonde In Summer Hair Makeover

Emily Ratajkowski is no longer a brunette. The model surprised the internet with a bright blonde hair transformation in a series of photos and videos on June 23! And, we’re loving her lighter locks!

Do blondes really have more fun? We’ll leave the latter up to Emily Ratajkowski, who debuted a platinum blonde hair makeover on Instagram, June 23. The model, 29, showed off her new, icy blonde tresses in a sultry post, simply captioned, “BLONDE.” Emily opted to keep her dark roots, which coordinate very well with her thick brunette eyebrows.

(Video/Photo credit: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram) 

Emily thanked Kerastase Paris, a popular luxury haircare brand, which was responsible for her new do’. The We Are Your Friends actress also appeared on Kerastase’s Instagram Stories ahead of her hair makeover. “Can you guess what I’m doing?” she said as parts of her then-brunette locks were hidden inside pieces of foil. Kerastase also shared a video and a few photos of the finished product, seen below.

(Video/Photo credit: Kerastase Paris/Instagram) 

Emily Ratajkowski with brunette hair at Milan Fashion Week. She’s pictured (here) at the Versace Fall/Winter 2020 show on February 21, 2020. (Photo credit: Laurent Vu/SIPA/Shutterstock) 

“I’m in LA. I’m in my bed, drinking coffee, waking up as my first morning as a blonde,” Emily told ELLE, via phone, which teamed up with the model and Kerastase for the debut of her new look. “With quarantine, you’re staring at yourself in the mirror and you’re like, I need to change!” she confessed. Emily is currently quarantining at home in LA with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McLard.

“I’d seen a lot of fan edits of me as a blonde, which is really dorky. I’ve also been a longtime fan of wigs. They were like, let’s do it,” Emily recalled a conversation with Kerastase. “There’s the new Blond Absolu Collection coming out, and we love the idea of a transformation. So with their full blessing and support, we went for it yesterday,” she said.

As for how long it took to transform her dark hair into platinum locks? — “So long!” Emily said, noting that her blonde inspiration came from Hollywood icons, Pamela Anderson and Sharon Tate. “I got in the chair around 9:00 AM and I left around 4:30 PM. We were getting it right though, too. We did the first stage of it. Then we did a second,” she revealed, explaining, “The colorist did a mask. Then we went in to fix the roots. I didn’t want streaky or stripey blonde. If I’m going to go blonde, I want to go blonde. But the root was really important. So it was just kind of about finessing it and getting it right. I also wanted the color to be kind of more like yellow than ashy. I know a lot of people love the ashy right now, but I just think for my complexion, that wasn’t right.”

When asked if blondes “actually have more fun,” Emily admitted that while “it’s early,” she’s “definitely having a lot of fun.” She continued, “That’s what’s cool about beauty and fashion. Especially when the world has all these things going on. It’s really a wonderful way to feel in control of your body and your look and have fun with your existence. I think transformations and having fun with your look is a joyous thing that more women should partake in.”

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