Fake tan fail leaves woman looking like Worzel Gummidge

Janice Evans decided recently that she wanted a bronzed glow, and headed off to the shops for the tan in a bottle that would do the trick.

It all backfired for the 38-year-old, though, after the tan turned her skin way darker than she expected and then turned to orange.

Deciding to go a shade darker than her normal fake tan, she slapped on a £2.99 bottle of St Moriz Darker Than Dark lotion.

But it backfired when she was left a dark shade of mottled brown that verged on swamp green,

Janice then had three showers and used baby oil but couldn’t shift it, and three days later it was still on and had turned bright orange.

The mum said: ‘All my mates have been taking the mick.

They said I looked like Worzel Gummidge, especially with the hair.’

Janice, of Nelson, Lancs, added: ‘I went for a bottle one shade darker than I usually buy, thinking it would give me a really nice tan.

‘But after just a couple of minutes it was really dark. I thought that was it, but it just got darker.’

Her four embarrassed children have banned her from the school gates until the colour wears off.

Janice now plans to revert back to a lighter tanning lotion in the future.

It’s not the first time the Darker Than Dark tan has seen someone compared to a fictional character.

20-year-old Danni was likened to Shrek and The Incredible Hulk after her St Moriz lotion turned a deep shade of green.

Another woman felt like Dracula after the mousse version of the product came off in a fang-like shape when she dribbled in the night.

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