Five women pop the question in The Sun on leap day as they ask their blokes ‘will you marry me?’ – The Sun

FIVE lucky guys are in for a surprise as their other halves pop the question . . . in The Sun!

Today is leap day, when tradition has it that women can take their destiny in their own hands and ask their fellas to marry them.

Here the girls give their men their declarations of love for all to see.

It only occurs once every four years, on February 29. This year a third of women in relationships are so fed up waiting for their man to get down on one knee that they plan to spring a leap-year proposal, according to a survey by comparison site

Our five wannabe brides tell Yasmin Harisha why they are ready to pop the question.

'Please don't make me propose three times, say yes'

ADMIN ASSISTANT Amanda Phillips, 27, has been dating IT boss Tom Fitzgerald, 31, for just over a year and a half. Amanda, of Ilford, Essex, will propose so she can tell everyone she had the guts.

She says: "I met Tom two years ago, at a friend’s Valentine’s party. I was wary about relationships. I had been in one of three years and another of two years but they both fell apart. Both men claimed it was “me, not you” – but I didn’t believe it."

"But when I met Tom we just clicked. We were chatting lots and we have the same sense of humour. After the party, Tom got my number and asked to take me out."

"It got to his third time of asking before I finally said yes, in May 2018. We hit it off instantly again, and we were even talking about children and how many we wanted."

"I was just really enjoying finding another person who was ready to be in a committed relationship, and 18 months later I can’t see myself with anyone else."

"All of my mates are getting engaged and married. I have been to seven weddings in the past year. Every time I see a bride and groom, I feel like the clock is ticking."

"I want to settle down, buy a home together, have a family and walk down the aisle. Rather than wait for Tom to propose, I am going to do it. I want to show the world I have the guts, and use this leap year to sort out my future."

"Tom, it took you three times to get me to go on a date, so please don’t make me propose three times to you and just say yes?"

'We played as kids, be mine for the rest of my life'

EQUESTRIAN management student Claire Foster, from the Cornish village of Carnon Downs, says 30-year-old IT boss Ryan Barrett was a primary school crush and she now believes he is her Mr Right.

Claire, 29, says: "I met Ryan when I was eight. We were pals during primary school but lost touch after he moved away – and I always fancied him. We both had relationships in between, and kind of just forgot about each other."

"It was nothing personal – we just grew up and apart. But in November 2018 we ran into each other at a friend’s birthday party. We got chatting and he asked me out on a date."

"He took me to the local fish restaurant. Everything just felt right – and we have been dating ever since. I have had two long-term relationships, one lasting two years and another three."

"Neither ended with a wedding. But I know it is different with Ryan. We have so much in common. Like me, Ryan loves riding so we often go out on horses with each other."

"He is fun and charismatic and being friends before we dated means we share a common history, which makes it even better. I know he is the one. In the past I have been too scared to ask a man to marry me."

"But with Ryan, it just feels right. He has empowered me to take control of my life. So this leap year I want to do just that."

"Ryan, we played as kids, we met again in our twenties – will you be mine for the rest of my life?"

'I will have to plan the wedding after lambing'

CARE WORKER Sal Truscott-James, 45, from Newlyn, Cornwall, says if she does not propose today to farmer John Pascoe, 54, she will never get her dream wedding – as he worries more about his animals than proposing.

She says: "I met John on a blind date in October 2017. A friend thought we would get on and set us both up – but she didn’t tell me I was going on a date until she and I were on the way to a pub."

"He was standing there, with a bunch of lilies for me, and I was wooed. He was nervous, not used to dating, but we bonded over our love for animals."

"I have dogs, cats and horses, and he is a farmer. After that our date nights were on the farm, helping feed the hand-reared lambs and calves."

"We never go out for meals because he is in bed by 7pm and up by 5am. Plus, he will never propose because he is so focused on his animals. I come second to the animals but I know he loves me."

"He is a man of few words, so if I don’t take the bull by the horns, I will never get an answer, or wedding."

"He will most likely say yes, but will tell me to plan the wedding after lambing season."

"John, I want to join your flock – so will you marry me?"

'You've renewed my faith in relationships'

SOCIAL worker Claire Jacobs wants to propose to bathroom and kitchen fitter Stuart Butcher, 38, before he does. This month also marks the end of their first year together.

The mum-of-one, 35, from Brighton, says: "I met Stuart on the dating app Badoo in January last year. We chatted for around three weeks before agreeing to meet."

"He lives in Ipswich and drove all the way down to surprise me and take me out for a meal. From the beginning, I loved his spontaneity. The fact he was willing to drive more than two hours to meet me was wonderful."

"We have a lot in common as well, so when we got chatting we just hit it off. He is dad to Finley, 11, and Brayden, ten, and I have my son Noah, seven, from a previous relationship."

"We just instantly connected. He is thoughtful, generous and clever. He is interested in my work and I love hearing about his job. We never run out of things to talk about. He gives me great work advice and we are often planning a date night."

"He has never been married. I have been engaged twice but never made it to the altar. At my age I know what guys I don’t want and what man I do want. This February is our first anniversary of being a couple."

"It’s a leap year and I want to show Stuart how committed I am to him and this relationship."

"Stuart, you have shown me kindness, compassion, love and tenderness. You have renewed my faith in relationships. Please marry me."

'What do you say about us doing the real deal?'

FITNESS instructor Teresa Farrell, 52, lives with her boyfriend, carpenter Peter Woodward, 53, and her son Charlie, 16, in Birmingham. She is ready to propose – but is also ready for either a yes or a no.

She says: "Pete and I met through my builder brother Chris, in January 2017. He invited me round to his for a music jam evening because I love to sing. When I got there, Pete was playing the guitar and I just fell in love."

"We chatted and found out that we had each been married before. I have my son Charlie and Pete has two grown-up children, James, 20, and Holly, 23."

"I never thought I could meet anyone again – but I did. Because of Pete, I can love again and we’ve been living together for a year. This will be a huge shock for him and if he says no, I won’t give up. I will wait for the next leap day."

"We have never spoken of marriage, other than to joke and ask each other to be the best man and bridesmaid."

"We just love to laugh and I don’t want to scare him off. But I am allowed to propose now."

"So, Pete, I’ve decided I am not settling for being a bridesmaid at your wedding. What do you say about us doing the real deal, and marrying me?"

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