From foundation to face masks – the top products men like David Beckham pinch from their partners

WATCH out, there's a bloke about – and he is ready to make off with your make-up bag.

Victoria Beckham has revealed hubby David uses her face serum, and he has previously admitted pinching her beauty ­products.

We can reveal he is not alone, as a quarter of men have been found to borrow their other half’s make-up and pampering kit, including face cream, foundation and even hair-removal gel.

Beauty expert Abi Oleck, of, whose ­clients include Lady Gaga and Jayne Torvill, said: “During lockdown, there has been an explosion of men ­becoming ­conscious of how they look, as they have had more time on their hands.

“So it’s no surprise to me that a quarter of British men pinch their partner’s beauty products.

"There is an amazing range of products and treatments that are tailored ­specifically for men, but of course some just like the ­convenience of raiding their ­better half’s dressing-table or make-up bag.

“Also, many women like a groomed man rather than a bit of rough, so it’s a win-win situation.

“With a lot of us having had the opportunity to take better care of ­ourselves lately, it’s no great surprise that some men have tried to enioy a bit of pamper time.

“So next time you think you’ve been using too much mascara or lip balm, you might not have – it could be that your other half is using it too.”

Here are the ten most popular beauty items that men use, as revealed in a new survey of 2,000 blokes . . . 


From £230 Creme de la Mer to hydrate the top layer and smooth skin, to £25 Boots No7 Protect & Perfect, 37 per cent of men swipe moisturiser to soften and hydrate their skin.

Face mask

Be it Superdrug’s 99p clay masks or a Clarins £15 face sheet mask, 15 per cent of men crave smooth and hydrated skin.


Whether it be Tweezerman’s £20.65 pair or the pound shop variety, 39 per cent of men borrow tweezers to tackle lockdown brows and beards.


From Charlotte Tilbury’s £23 Pillow Talk Mascara, to £5.99 Maybelline’s Great Lash ­Mascara, five per cent of men own up to using it.

Foundation/cover-up stick

From £35 ­Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish ­foundation, to £10 Avon True Colour Foundation, ten per cent of fellas like to cover up their blemishes.

Lip balm

From £1.95 Vaseline Lip Therapy, to Terry’s £40 Baume de Rose lip balm, 22 per cent of men want to soothe their cracked lips.

Hair-removal cream

Blokes’ backs are a ­popular area for this, and eight per cent of ­men admit pinching this cream, such as the £7.99 one from Veet.

Hand cream

From celeb fave Kiehl’s ­Ultimate Strength cream, at £22, to Neutrogena’s ­Norwegian Formula, at £3.99, 29 per cent of men have admitted getting a little light-fingered to smooth their calloused hands from all that ­lockdown DIY and ­gardening.


Whether it is Posh Spice’s £180 brand or Superdrug’s £4.49 Vitamin E serum, 22 per cent of fellas pinch this skin-smoothing treat.


It could be Dyson’s £299.99 ­Supersonic or Amazon’s best-selling £16 Dry Hair Dryer, but 36 per cent of blokes risk coming to blows by ­borrowing their partner’s gadget.

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