Gemini Fire Dog: What does Donald Trump’s Chinese Zodiac Sign mean?

PRESIDENT Donald Trump is a Fire Dog in the Chinese zodiac sign because he was born in 1946.

Fire Dogs in the Chinese zodiac are known to be determined and with a high regard for their reputation, they can also do things blindly and are always concerned with the future.

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Gemini Fire Dog personality traits

Whenever Gemini and Dog are thrown together, creativity is never far from the surface. He is not easy and Gemini men can be very difficult to fathom.

The family is very important to the Dog but much less so to the Gemini man.

It's quite important as to how supportive the family is, though.

This Gemini boy is nowhere near as self-assured as many others from the Gemini clan.

They need constant mental stimulation.

Gemini men represent two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face.

Gemini men believe money is a necessary evil, most of them will not spend much time thinking where to earn it or how they spent it.

They need strong grounding to keep their finances in check and organized, giving them a sense of confidence and security they often don't even know they need.

He is sensitive and feisty on his day, but his little yap is louder than it is scary or threatening. He just wants an easy life.

Allow him to indulge his creative pursuits, reassure, love and feed him like you do your pet dog – and you'll have a content Gemini Fire Dog forever.

He can be a gentle sweetheart with an inoffensive, harmless bark, if you give him everything he wants and needs.

What does 2021 have in store for Dogs?

For the new year, Dogs are going to try new things and must keep regular working hours to avoid getting sick and lowering their immunity.

Any Dog that retires in 2021 will still have good luck in other career paths or ventures.

Some Dogs may be re-employed as an authority figure while others may just enjoy their retired fortune with friends and family.

Elderly Dogs are going to enjoy more leisure time in 2021 and will travel more.

They will also work on their hobbies and spend more time doing things they enjoy.

Who are Dogs most compatible with?

Dogs are most compatible with the Tiger, Horse, and Rabbit.

The Dog and the Tiger have a good sibling-like relationship and work toward a common goal together.

The Rabbit and the Dog are conservative and have an honest relationship with each other, similar to the Dog and the Horse’s relationship.

Horses are known to be powerful and highly capable, which in turn, benefits the Dog’s diligent attitude.

Other types of Dogs in Chinese astrology

  • Metal Dog
  • Water Dog
  • Wood Dog
  • Earth Dog

Who are Dogs least compatible with?

The Dog is least compatible with the Dragon, Goat, Rooster, and other Dogs.

These signs will not understand one another, especially with the Goat who can be meek and docile.

While the Dog is loyal, they are also quick to their feet and very courageous, and can cause jealousy among the other signs.

Health predictability for Dogs in 2021

Good standing health for the Dog in 2021 should be its priority for the new year.

Dogs are suggested to take care of their digestive health within the coming year and avoid junk food as much as possible.

They must also work out regularly to strengthen their bodies and immune system as they can get sick easily.

Dogs should focus on outdoor activities and keep busy with sports to not get so caught up in their heads about work or other problems they may have.

What Chinese Zodiac sign am I?

Famous Geminis

Geminis are said to be impulsive, talkative, inconsistent and curious

  • Kanye West: June 8, 1977 (Fire Snake)
  • Chris Pratt: June 21, 1979 (Earth Goat)
  • Johnny Depp: June 9, 1963 (Water Rabbit)
  • Boris Johnson: June 19, 1964 (Wood Dragon)

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