Halsey’s Buzzcut Hair Makeover: She Shaves Her Head For TikTok — See Her Look Before & After

Yep, Halsey sure ‘did’ it. The ‘Graveyard’ singer pulled off her most shocking hair transformation yet, going from long, luscious locks to completely shaved head in one single TikTok!

So, did Halsey just win the “Girl Don’t Do It It’s Not Worth It” challenge, or what? While partaking in the TikTok meme created by Makayla/@Makayla Did, 26-year-old Halsey, with long black tresses that fell past her shoulders, mouthed along to the audio. “Girl, don’t do it. It’s not worth it.” “I’m not gonna do it, girl. I was just thinking about it. I’m not gonna do it.” One hair flip translation later, and Halsey is now completely shaved! The “Without Me” singer was without any hair. “I did it,” she lip-synced, before giving the camera a sly smile. She sure did, and while this may be Halsey’s most radical hair transformation, let’s be honest: she looks amazing.

I did it ?

♬ original sound – Makayla

This shaved look comes two months after Halsey had her hair done in braids for a road trip out to Sedona, Arizona. “All We Do Is Drive,” she captioned the Instagram photos she posted on Aug. 17. Halse sat on a rainbow-colored bench in the first slide, her black hair in braids down to her waist. Just a week before this trip, she posed in a snakeskin bikini, with her straight hair in a messy updo.

The question is now: is this actually Halsey’s most extreme hair makeover? Let’s not forget that she’s shaved her head before. When attending the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Halsey walked the red carpet without hair – or a shirt, for that matter. It was one of her boldest looks to date, and one she could theoretically replicate now that she took the clippers to her scalp again.

A style icon in the making, Halsey is obviously not afraid to change her look to fit the mood she’s in – or to convey a message. During the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, Halsey dyed her long black locks’ roots in the shade of the rainbow. The openly bisexual singer has been a vocal opponent of “bi-erasure” and support of LGBTQ+ causes. This look was one was of Halsey expressing that side of her.

Seven months after Halsey shaved her head bald for the Billboard Music Awards, she attended the Z100 Jingle Ball with her hair in braids. She still didn’t have a shirt on, but her denim jacket/faded jeans combo complimented the hair nicely. Similarly, her champagne pink pixie cut at the 2018 American Music Awards went well with her similarly-hued dress. As to what will go with Halsey’s 2020 shaved look, the answer is “everything,” and the possibilities are endless.

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