I changed my daughter's name THREE times – I thought the first was 'too cool', it didn't suit her

MUM-OF-THREE Aoife Rose McLasserty, 30, knows just how Kylie Jenner feels about changing her son's name from Wolf because she changed the name of her third child three times before finally getting it right.

Aoife, from Inverness, Scotland, is married to Martin, 30, a GP and mum to Odhran, three, Fionn, two and Clodagh, 10 months, previously known as Mia and Mimi.

SCROLLING through my Instagram feed, I read Kylie Jenner’s post about how she was changing the name of her son, Wolf.

“We’re in the company of celebrities and major influencers,” I said to my husband, Martin.

“I think we set the trend.”

Because we changed our daughter Clodagh’s name twice. She was previously known as Mia and Mimi.

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Ultimately we decided on Clodagh.

It’s a traditional name popular for girls and pays homage to my Irish heritage.

It’s perfect for her and we love it.

But choosing it wasn’t easy, especially when compared to our first two.

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When her big brother Odhran, meaning ‘little green one’, was born in June 2018 we’d shortlisted a couple of names.

But as soon as we saw his face we knew exactly what to call him. 

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Our second son Fionn, meaning ‘little fair one’, came along in January 2020 naming him was also easy.

But baby number three, our first girl, was a real struggle. 

I decided I wanted a cooler, more modern name so we settled on Mia to offset the other two more traditional names.

I rang the registry office to make the appointment and they said everything was done over the phone due to covid.

It was a short phone call and she was officially named.

I was at the 21-day limit for registering the birth and name when we selected Mia but over the next couple of weeks I got a weird feeling.

It didn’t feel so special.''

She didn’t feel like Mia and I avoided using the name.

It just didn’t suit her personality.

I also suddenly saw the name everywhere and felt like I’d jumped on the ‘same name bandwagon’.

It didn’t feel so special.

Some people even commented that the other two children had such unique sounding names and so Mia was a choice they hadn’t expected.

So we decided to try Mimi as a sort of nickname for Mia.

I tried it for a month and Mimi didn’t seem to fit my darling daughter’s face and personality either.

I’d lie awake at night thinking about it. 

People were also confused.

Some people called her Mia, others Mimi. 

At three-and-a-half months I told Martin neither Mia nor Mimi were working and he agreed.

So I went back to our original baby list for Fionn, in case he had been a girl, and as soon as I saw Clodagh written down I realised that was her name.

When she was four months old in August 2021 I contacted the registry office and asked how I could change it.

If I had waited until she was 12 months old the forms would have been even more extensive because by then NHS numbers and a myriad of other government documents are generated and need altering.

The wait is much longer. 

I announced Mia/Mimi’s new and official name on Instagram in November 2021

“I felt I needed to make it ‘Instagram official’ and share  the reasons why we made the decision and warn other people about delays.

“I was wrong,” I said.

“The name didn't have a flow with the boys' traditionally Irish names.”

Explaining about the delay, I added: “However this  isn't putting a stop to us changing her name at home while waiting for our request to be processed.

I used a hospital picture of her and it felt like a re-birth.

I was ecstatic that all the worry and tension I’d felt disappeared.

Everyone loved the new name.

One person asked if I was trying to give them a heart attack but I got dozens of private messages from mums and dads going through the same thing.

With a second or third child you may feel swamped.

You may think cool is the way to go but often you have to travel a  longer path to find the right name.

It’s a hard job naming a baby and even harder to admit you got it wrong.

Parents shouldn't be afraid to change a child’s name if it doesn't suit them.

Clodagh is what she is known as at nursery school.

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Now everyone uses her new name.

At least I know we finally got it right and seeing Kylie go through the same thing means I am not alone.

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