I found out how Aldi cashiers can scan your shop so quickly and no one ever knew about it

THEIR scanning is so fast that people often find themselves struck with anxiety when approaching the Aldi checkout.

But one woman – a self-described "big fan" of the store – has revealed just how cashiers manage to scan through things so quickly.

Sam took to TikTok to reveal a "fun fact" about the chain.

"Aldi product packaging is designed to have multiple barcodes so that the cashiers can scan things faster – all about that speed baby," Sam wrote over a video of herself replicating the speedy checkout process.

"Wait that’s actually so smart," someone commented on the video.

"I could never figure out how they do it so quick," another person wrote.

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"I'm always trying to match their speed while unloading my cart."

"Broooo….that’s so smart and I always wondered how they went so effing fast," a third person added.

Someone else, who is an actual cashier at Aldi, wrote: "This is the most satisfying part of my job.

"I love when people are amazed by my speed."

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On own brand products, there are usually at least two barcodes, and sometimes even three.

On Aldi's Hot Oat Cereal there are even four barcodes – one on each side, one on the top and a long one across the bottom.

And on smaller items, such as cans and small cartons, the barcode goes almost the entire way around – meaning that the cashier can just roll it across the scanner for it to be picked up.

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However, Aldi has no control over the packaging of products from other companies, meaning that they can only put multiple barcodes on their own brand products.

Aldi has previously revealed that their checkout process is 40 per cent faster than other supermarket rivals such as Tesco and Sainsbury's.

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