I got sent home from work for my ‘distracting’ outfit – I have no idea what the issue is | The Sun

A WOMAN claimed she was sent home from work for her clothes and asked others if they thought she should quit after the situation.

The TikToker who posts with the handle @NotMarieDee shared that she had been asked to leave work due to her choice of outfit.

She was wearing a v-neck lilac top with long sleeves and a pair of black trousers.

The influencer said: "Got sent home from work for this outfit…"

She then followed up with the question: "Should I quit?"

The issue with her outfit is likely to be that the v-neck was low enough to show some of her cleavage – this was particularly visible when she bent over to adjust the camera.

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Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the outfit.

One person said: "I’d be distracted too."

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Another said: "I would have let you stay just to admire you."

A third said: "Make sense. Making me turn my head all the way around us giving me a headache."

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Some suggested that it wasn't that it was too revealing, but something else wrong with the outfit.

One person said: "Purple clashes with black."

Others agreed that she should be annoyed with her bosses.

One person said: "That is BS you look great and professional."

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Another said: "Having [boobs] isn't illegal so being sent home for having them should result in you owning the company."

A third said: "I don't understand what's wrong with he outfit."

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