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A WOMAN who was Maid of Honour for her best friend has revealed her huge hair disaster from the big day.

Maddie Richburg was given the special title for one of her closest mates and was excited to see her walk down the aisle. 

On the lead-up to the wedding day, Maddie had decided to opt for a glam up do and couldn’t wait to see how it turned out.

But it seemed the hairdresser hadn't quite got the memo, as she ended up with the hair from hell. 

Maddie revealed she wanted her tresses to be put up in a loose, boho style bun.

Showing a picture of a model, which she’d used for inspiration, Maddie explained: “I was the MOH in my best friend’s wedding last year…

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“This is what I showed the stylist…”

She continued to say that she’d shown her a few different images and said, ‘I just want something simple and pretty like this.’

However, she added: ‘But do whatever you want.’

And it seems those words came back to haunt her, as the video posted to her TikTok account @maddierichburg then cut to footage of what she ended up with.

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And it was nothing like what she’d asked for, and was instead in tight ringlet style curls that the hairdresser had pinned into her head.

Maddie said the stylist deserved to go “straight to jail” for the look they’d given her.

But she added in the caption that the picture didn’t even show just how bad it was, as she wrote: “Y’all should have seen the front.”

She then added that she was forced to sort out her hair herself and try to salvage the bad situation.

Maddie explained: “I immediately took it out and washed it and just curled it.

“No shot I was looking like that in my best friend’s wedding.”

And her followers couldn’t believe their eyes, as everyone said they couldn’t believe her do had been done by a professional. 

One wrote: “As a stylist, I don’t even know how I would achieve that.”

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Another added: “tragic” as a third said: “It looks like an oxygen mask or something.”

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