I work in childcare and there's two things parents do that drive me mad – and toys from home aren’t cute | The Sun

AS any parent will know, there are times when you get held up and can't get to your kid's school or nursery in time for pick up.

But there's nothing more annoying to someone who works in a nursery.

Erin took to TikTok to share the "things I hate from working in childcare".

And front and centre on the list was "late pickups".

"What gets me is when we close at 5:45pm and you can see the parent sat in the car, on their phone scrolling but don’t come to the door until 5:50/6pm," one person commented on Erin's video.

And don't even get her started on the mums and dads who don't pack spare clothes in their child's bag.

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But when it comes to what does get packed, Erin's not a fan of kids bringing in their favourite toy.

Also on her hit list are "gloves that are too big for my hands", "ripped books" and "accident forms".

People were quick to comment on Erin's video, with many of them fellow childcare workers empathising with her.

"100% accurate," one wrote.

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"Soo true," another added.

Lots of people commenting took issue with the gloves nursery workers are required to wear when changing nappies.

"The gloves! Drive me nuts! Never fit me and they’re annoying," one wrote.

"The gloves are WAY too big for me too," another added.

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"the glovessss . i have such dry skin on my hands from them," a third commented.

"Them gloves make your hands so sweaty I hate them," someone else wrote, to which Erin replied: "Trying to put them on with wet hands is a task and a half too."

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