I'm a 5'9", 170-lb. gym girl – I've been prone to cellulite since puberty and I love it, women are amazing | The Sun

A WOMAN has encouraged others to accept their cellulite after saying she loves hers and that it is completely normal.

With over one million followers, Taylor Anderson vows to "hype you" to get into the gym and into body positivity if you follow her social media.

The TikToker posts under her account @barbiedolltay and regularly shows off her impressive physique at the gym, dubbing herself "Barbie but buff."

In a recent clip, Taylor showed off her toned body in a black crop top and black short shorts during a workout at the gym.

She told followers: "This what 170lbs looks like" as she slowly turned around in the mirror to show off her body shape.

In the caption she wrote: "Heavy – I'm 5'9 btw."

One follower was left feeling insecure about her body after she recognized that she has a similar shape to Taylor but with more cellulite.

"How [come] you don't have cellulite? I'm 5'7, 150, and my hamstrings have so much cellulite. Similar looking body comp," she wrote.

Taylor supportively replied reassuring her that she does have cellulite and has done since she was a teenager.

The TikToker said: "Bae I do A LOT -genetically I've just been prone to it since puberty.

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"I love it tbh. Everyone [has] got a lil."

The comment thread saw another viewer write: "I love women" to which Taylor replied: "THEY ARE AMAZING."

The TikToker also admitted in the comments that due to her height, it is extremely difficult to maintain her weight and physique.

One viewer said: "I realized ur 5'9 this makes you 1000x more impressive babes go queen."

Taylor replied: "THANK U MAMA it takes a lot of food."

The viewer said: "I can only imagine – I can barely get mine in."

A number of followers were grateful for her content which has helped their "mentality about weight loss" whether due to their height or genetics when it comes to insecurities.

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