I’m a fashion whizz but bodysuits are too hot for the summer – here’s how to turn them into a crop top with ZERO sewing | The Sun

EVER feel like you've got nothing to wear when the weather warms up?

This fashion fan shared a clever hack which means you can get two tops for the price of one, and it's really easy to do.

Alexis Aguirre shared the savvy hack and it's perfect for sunny summer days.

She said: "When were you going to tell me you can take any regular bodysuit and turn it into a crop top?"

To transform the top, put it on as you usually would, but don't fasten the bottom part.

The pull the front flap under and up the top and out through the front of the neck hole.


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Do the same with the back flap, pulling it out of the neck hole behind your neck.

Fasten the two straps together over your shoulder – then move it to the side so it's not visible.

"This is so smart because now you can have two tops for the price of one," Alexis said.

She shared the clever hack on Instagram with the caption: "Hold up. Before you cut your bodysuits try this fashion hack first.

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"This whole time I could've just done this instead of buying two of the same tops wow."

Other fashion fans loved the quick and easy trick too, one commented on the video: "Ok this is a game changer, thanks girl I know what to try tomorrow."

A second wrote: "Damn I was really going to cut my bodysuits! Lol."

"I'm so trying this," another said.

And someone else commented: "Omg I love this, I'm currently travelling for a month packed into one suitcase, this will help me have some variety!"

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