I'm a mum & I use code-words with my kids to help get them out of difficult situations – it's saved me MANY times

WHEN it comes to raising your children, you want to make sure you know them inside out.

And it's important to always be there for them when they are in uncomfortable situations. 

For one mum, she discovered one hack to suss out what’s best for her kids and she has shared it with her TikTok followers.

Jessica Lynn, who is a mum to three boys, has explained a simple and effective code-word technique to use when a child is put in a difficult situation. 

In the video she revealed that it “is one every parent and caregiver should see.”

The mum, whose profile is used to “build up parents”, revealed that she learnt it from her mother and now uses it with her own children. 

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Speaking to her followers, Jessica explained: "So I noticed something that my mum did with me when I was growing up which I will absolutely be doing with my own kids…

"So when I was growing up we had this code word 'pretty please' and the way that it worked is that if our mom heard the word 'pretty please' that she would know that she was supposed to come get us from where we were or she was supposed to say no to whatever is it we were asking.

"So if we ever got into a situation where we felt uncomfortable we could say, 'hey mom! Can I stay for this sleepover pretty please?'

"And she would know that she is supposed to say 'no'.

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"Or: 'Mom can you bring me my sweater pretty please?' And she would know to come get us.

"It is honestly just so brilliant because I only remember using it maybe once or twice but so often, more often than we would like to think, kids are, especially teens and pre-teens, put into circumstances or situations where they are in over their head.

"And it gives them a safe way to get out of those situations."

Jessica also added: "P.s. This is not a replacement for teaching our kids to use their own voice. It’s a precaution."


And many other followers watching the video were quick to comment, sharing their own experiences of using a code word.

One wrote: "My mom had a similar system with me, so grateful! saved me from more than one unwanted sleepover when my frenemy would ask me to stay over."

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Another added: "My family had a code word and it prevented me from getting kidnapped after school! We 100% use the code word!"

A third wrote: "Just set up a safety word for my daughter and I to use as well. Thank you!"

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