I'm plus-size and tried on a corset to show off my curves but when I turned around my back fat had other plans | The Sun

SHE wanted to show off her curves in a sexy corset.

But after Steph Oshiri tried on the shaping garment and turned around, she poked fun at how it made her "back fat" look.

She took to TikTok to share a video of herself pulling the strings of the corset, displaying her tiny waist in the process.

Steph then spun around, but ended up doing a double take when shesaw how the corset looked from the back.

"My back fat had other plans lmaooo," she captioned her video.

"the double take got me! I love youuu," one person commented on the video.

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To which Steph replied: " I was SHOOK."

"What happens in the back is none of your business," another added.

"You look great from the front and that’s what matters."

"I felt that so hard omg," someone else wrote.

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"don’t care still stunning and gorgeous," another comment read.

As another related to Steph's video, writing: "The struggle is real though.

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"I love corsets but the damn back fat kills me."

"Am I the only one who thinks that the fat on the back is incredibly attractive?" someone else asked.

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