It’s official: Carrie Bradshaw is in her Barbiecore phase in the newest season of And Just Like That

Written by Naomi May

The latest dispatch from the set of And Just Like That is Carrie Bradshaw wearing pink to make all the Sex And The City fans wink.

First came the bird (the JW Anderson pigeon clutch, to be precise) and now the creative masterminds behind Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That are whetting our collective appetites with Carrie Bradshaw’s latest outfit, a head-to-toe Barbiecore-inspired dress and heels.

Posted to the show’s official costume department’s Instagram page, And Just Like That Costumes, the outfit is the first time Bradshaw has worn a single colour head-to-toe and is yet another piece of fashion exposition that will have AJLT’s fans’ hearts in a rapture the world over.

Carrie Bradshaw wearing pink to make the And Just Like That fans wink.

This is the second outfit of Bradshaw’s to be photographed on the set of the series, with the first being a DIY-style boilersuit and an attention-grabbing pigeon purse, which is the brainchild of Northern Irish designer JW Anderson.

Of course, this might be Bradshaw’s first time wearing head-to-toe pink, but it’s not a shade she’s unfamiliar with. From the Sex And The City trailer, in which Bradshaw wore a white tank top and a marshmallow-toned tulle skirt (which then-costume designer Patricia Field found in a clothing sample bin for just $5) to the bubblegum shirt dress the fictional character wore for the first seasons of And Just Like That, her allegiance to pink is unwavering.

Carrie Bradshaw wears JW Anderson pigeon clutch on the set of the new season of And Just Like That.

And Just Like That’s costume designer Molly Rogers and her co-designer Danny Santiago began working on the reboot in 2021. Speaking to Stylist, Rogers found out she’d got the job just months before when she received a call while on holiday in Miami. “John Melfi [Sex And The City’s producer] called me and told me it was happening,” she says. “He told me there would be 10 episodes and he said: “What do you think?” Pat had called me a week before to say you’re really the only person who should do it; she said “I’m passing the baton to you.”

The aforementioned Pat is Pat Field, the legendary costume designer whom Rogers first encountered in 1984 and is responsible for the fashion in the original Sex And The City TV series and is revered throughout the industry. Rogers cut her teeth working for Field, who has now turned her attention to Emily In Paris.

What to expect from the rest of And Just Like That’s fashion exhibitionism? If the sophomoric ensemble is anything to go by, we’re predicting vociferous pinks and obnoxious accessories – and hopefully plenty of them.

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