I've got my annoying co-worker for Secret Santa… I'm taking revenge & giving them a naff gift, I don't care if it's mean | The Sun

WITH Christmas right around the corner loads of us are taking part in Secret Santa at work.

But what happens when you get someone you can't stand?

One mum confessed that she picked the name of her most annoying co-worker and she's using the opportunity to plot revenge.

She revealed on Mumsnet that she's stuck with having to buy a present for the "office bi*ch" for Christmas.

She wrote: "I'm looking for the worst, most subtle insulting Secret Santa gift for the office stirrer."

Although she's limited to spending £10 the mum didn't plan on spending that much anyway.


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"I'm torn between a pair of second-hand socks or a homemade loo roll cosy a la your grandma," she added.

The mum asked fellow users for help picking the worst gift possible that will "cast insult without being too overt."

Some of the suggestions were well and truly awful and would be sure to aggravate anyone.

One person suggested: "A box of second hand chocs with one missing."

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A second thought "something personalised with a subtle mis spelling of her name," would be a good choice.

Other suggestions included wrinkle cream, mouthwash, out-of-date chocolates and thoughtless gift sets.

But not everyone was convinced getting revenge with a naff gift was a good idea, and could even land the mum in trouble.

One person said: "Or you could grow up and handle the situation like an adult."

And someone else agreed: "Don't do it. You will be on the same level as them. Publicly humiliating someone is so mean.

"Makes me wonder what sort of person you are in the first place."

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