Latest wacky words brainteaser is the trickiest yet, so are YOU up to the challenge?

NEED something to get your brain going this Monday morning? Well this wacky words brainteaser should do just that.

The fiendishly tricky puzzle, shared on Reddit, challenges players to identify all the well known sayings in this image.

And while they might be well-known, you will struggle to name all 15 in the block.

Each saying is made up of word/words accompanied by either an image, colour or font that gives a cryptic clue to the catchphrase.

The direction in which the word is written can also be the clue, but only a true wordsmith will correctly guess all 15.

Reckon you can master the board? Scroll down for the answers – but no cheating!


  1. Growing economy
  2. In between jobs
  3. Broken record
  4. Missing u
  5. Forgive and forget
  6. Travel over seas
  7. Your time is up
  8. Once in a blue moon
  9. Summary
  10. Round figure
  11. First lady
  12. Forensic
  13. Breakfast
  14. Green tea
  15. Square root

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