Mum shares stomach-churning photos of her filthy bath water after deep-cleaning her bedsheets

CHANGING our bedsheets is without a doubt our most hated hosuehold chore. After all, it's time-consuming, tricky and – if we're feeling up to it – even involves ironing.

That said, one mum has shown just how filthy your sheets get when you don't clean them regularly – and the photos of her horrifyingly dirty bath water will stay with us for life.

Posting on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, the Australian mum explained how she normally washes her duvet cover once a month.

But considering it's the height of summer in Australia, she decided to soak it in boiling water to get rid of any dirt and sweat.

Although the mum planned to leave it there for a few hours, the bath water turned a grim shade of grey within just 30 minutes.

She wrote: "I usually wash [my bedding] in the machine about once a month – so decided to try this method this month.

"Within half an hour of it soaking, I could see how dirty the water was and I was horrified and embarrassed. It was really gross."

To make matters worse, the bath was even covered in a layer of grime after she removed the sheets to dry.

However, the mum decided to share the photos to inspire us ALL to wash our sheets more regularly – and needless to say, it's worked.

She continued: "I'm totally grossed out but have to share. The fact I sleep under it has totally made me feel sick.

How often should you be washing your bedsheets?

  • Bed sheets can become a hotbed (pardon the pun) for sweat, saliva, urine and outside dirt
  • Laundry expert Mary Marlowe Leverette told ATTN that you should change your bedding once a week
  • She explained: "Athlete’s foot and other fungi can be transferred from fabrics. Infrequent cleaning of sheets and pillowcases allows the fluids to seep into the pillows and mattresses, and those are much more difficult to clean than tossing sheets in the washer."
  • However, you might need to change your bedding even more regularly during the hot summer months or if you moisturise before bed.
  • What's more, the expert also recommends washing our actual pillows (rather than just the cases) once every three months to kill any bacteria lurking on the inside

"I didn't want to post but my sister told me to … please be nice!"

Unsurprisingly, other members of the group were equally as shocked by the photos.

One replied: "It's shocking how much dirt still comes out after it gets washed."

Another added: "Bet you feel better knowing it's clean now!"

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Wow, I'll have to strip mine now – eek!"

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