Mum's horror after her 'a**hole' daughter peed all over living room carpet

DEALING with poo-explosions, cleaning up sick and wiping your child's snotty noses – these are just a few of the not-so-fun tasks us mums have to deal with day-to-day.

But while coping with bodily fluids is a grim part of the job, nothing quite prepares us for the more disgusting things our little angels like to do for fun.

One mum who knows a little something about this is Katie Bowman – who has a four-year-old daughter and 21-month-old twin girls.

Earlier this week, the mum-of-three lightheartedly labelled her eldest daughter an "a**hole" after she urinated all over the living room floor as part of game.

Posting on her Facebook page Living My Family Life, Katie says she had no idea what her daughter was planning at first.

She joked: "My favourite part of today was when my daughter stared into my soul, then p***ed into a plastic toy cup while standing in front of me on our carpeted lounge floor. A**holeititis at its finest."

To make matters worse, Katie described how her daughter "was so f**king proud of herself" as she posted a photo of the hilarious damp patch of carpet.

Needless to say, Katie's followers found the whole thing hysterical – and started sharing their own motherhood horror stories.

Sympathising with Katie, one user wrote: "One of those 'just wanna cry' parenting moments."

Another added: "My daughter walked up to me this morning with finger tips covered in poo.. I'm guessing she had an itchy bum."

Tagging a friend in the comments, a third replied: "This is refreshing! We're not the only ones with a**holes."

Earlier this month, Katie described the mortifying moment her toddlers shouted they heard her "poo land in the toilet" while they were in a public toilet.

Katie also shared an emotional picture taken just after the birth of her first child as she begged family members to give mums two days to bond with their baby at the start of this year.

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