New duvet cover which opens from the middle will make changing bedding so much easier

IF changing the bed sheets felt like an Olympic task then take note as a duvet cover which unzips down the middle is hitting shelves. 

For those of us grappling with a double, or even king size duvet, this is welcome news. 

We've all been changing the covers when suddenly your duvet resembles a giant tent and you get lost inside, searching for those elusive corners. 

But the workout which is stripping the bedcovers will soon be a thing of the past with Koa’s new duvet, which handily unzips right down the middle. 

The idea is you unzip the cover, put the duvet on top, then zip it back up again – with no need to shake the duvet into each corner. 

Explaining their nifty design, creators Ben King and Luke Gray said: “Koa is the first duvet cover designed to make changing the bed easier, quicker and simpler,

“Koa’s inventive central opening makes the corners easy to reach and is designed so that there’s no climbing inside, heavy lifting, awkward stuffing, shaking or fiddly buttons.”

The pair did some market research, and unsurprisingly people named changing the sheets as one of their most hated chores. 

Luke added: “We’re on a mission to take the hassle out of changing the bed and make fresh sheets more delightful.” 

The pair are launching the duvet cover on Kickstarter this month, for the bargain price of just £25.

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