Savvy mum compares two trolleys of Christmas food from the SAME shop with very different prices – see how she saved £33 | The Sun

WE'RE all looking for ways to save money this Christmas.

And one savvy mum has revealed how she saved £33, just by making different choices in Tesco.

Gemma Bird, aka Money Mum, took to TikTok to share a look at her supermarket haul.

"Two trollies," she wrote over her video.

"Both are filled with Christmas Day food from the age supermarket, but two very different outcomes on price."

She then showed herself scanning different options of the same foods – branded oranges for £1.50 and supermarket oranges for 79p for example.

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Baking potatoes were £1.85 for the pack, while all rounder ones were £1.19.

While a bag of carrots means more work, it's also a tremendous saving – as it costs just 45p compared to a bag of pre-cut carrots for £1.09.

She continued her shop with Brussel sprouts, onions, mince pies and fruit cake.

The Christmas pudding was one of the biggest savings- the Tesco Finest version is a costly £5, while the standard Tesco one is £2.40.

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Double cream, branded cream, pigs in blankets, and a cheese board were next, as well as a gammon joint.

While a prepared, glazed gammon joint is £19, a non-boxed gammon is £10.21.

Similarly, a butter basted turkey joint is £12, compared to a whole bird turkey for £19.

In the end, the more expensive trolley came to £77.04, while the cheaper one was £43.53 – a difference of £33.51.

People were quick to weigh in on the video, with one writing: "This is why you can't trust the finest range.

"It's been designed to make you think it's just bit a more than standard but is quite a bit more.

"You still think you buying cheap for a bit better, when in reality it's same or more than branded stuff."

"Aldi for the win for me," another added.

To which Gemma replied: "Love it there too but this just to show non and branded but can use it in any shop."

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