Shein ridiculed over super high-cut bodysuit that looks like 'Borat's mankini'

BUDGET online retailer Shein has been ridiculed for selling a ridiculously high cut “sexy” bodysuit that resembles “Borat’s mankini”.

Hundreds of Shein customers have been left in stitches after a screenshot of the newly released Plus V-bar High Cut Bodysuit was posted on Facebook on Sunday.

An image shows one of Shein’s model advertising the £9.99 long-sleeved piece which is cut so high it reaches just under the bust area.

The item also exposes half of the model’s waist, hips, and half of her behind due to the design.

A Shein customer who spotted the risqué piece on their website shared it in a shopping Facebook group, writing: “What is this!?”

The post immediately attracted hundreds of laughing and shocked face emojis, along with comments from amused viewers.

One shocked woman wrote: “High cut? That’s cut so damn high it’s practically flossing her teeth.”

Another said: “Sneeze and you'll be sliced up to your belly button.”

While one group member wrote: “Hello bacterial vaginosis.”

And others felt sorry for the model, writing: “Honestly, I can see the pain in her eyes. Poor lass.”

And one woman said “Model looks too comfortable in it for my liking tbh.”

Other social media users posted images of actor Sacha Baron Cohen in his Borat character wearing a fluorescent green "mankini".

Several group members also pointed out that the image looked heavily photoshopped around the crotch area.

One viewer wrote: “I reckon even Barbie and her none existent flaps would be like nope.”

And another woman said: “Someone’s been photoshopping Sims.”

Shein describes the bodysuit on their website as “sexy” with a "slight stretch”.

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