The Best Halloween Decorations From Etsy

We’ve gotten really into decor since we started spending more time at home, and with Oct. 31 approaching, we’re already dreaming up the perfect Halloween decor. Pretty much everything we’re looking for can be scooped up on Etsy — and there’s nothing scary about that.

Our favorite kind of Halloween decoration is more stylish than creepy, and it gets bonus points if it’s also functional (like a festive candle or a skull-themed candy bowl). We’ve spotted some incredible unique Halloween decor finds at Etsy for both indoor and outdoor on Etsy, including a cheeky doormat decoration that we think Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion would approve of.

Many items on Etsy are ready to ship, and when you shop the site, you’re supporting smaller artists and independent sellers.

So queue up Hocus Pocus (it’s streaming right here on Disney+), get into the spooky spirit and start creating your haunted mansion with the pieces of Etsy decor below.

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