The Broomstick Ride & the Apple Bobber -some of the top 10 best Halloween sex positions to try this weekend

With Halloween creeping closer, there is no better time to treat your sexual desires beneath the sheets. From toy play to blindfolds and teasing those sensory spots, sexual wellness brand LELO UK has got you covered. 

LELO’s UK sex expert Kate Moyle shares the top 10 sex positions for you to enjoy an extra freaky Halloween this year, where you can bring a steamy new meaning to classic Halloween customs including casting spells and apple bobbing. 

Casting Spells

One partner must lie on their back with bent knees, relaxing their legs leaving space for their partner to sit.

This allows the partner sitting down to cast some freaky spells, through touch and pleasure, to the partner lying down while both have a good view of one another. 

Broomstick Ride

The penetrating partner (also for a partner wearing a strap-on) lays flat on their back, legs together.

The other partner lowers themselves onto them, like a reverse cowgirl. Top partner- use their legs for support if you need it!

Apple Bobbing 

One partner positions themselves on a chair, end of the bed or sofa whilst the other kneels between their legs.

This oral sex position gives the receiver a great view of their partner, adding to the turn-on. 

The Invisible Man

Blindfold your partner, this closes down one sense which means another sense is heightened in response, increasing the intensity of sensations.

Then begin teasing them all over their body with sensual stroking and touching; mix it up the anticipation can be a real turn-on.

Witches Cat

The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) is a position that will combine both clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration using a rocking motion.

The receiving partner should lay flat on their back with their legs slightly apart, the penetrating partner should slide themselves into position between the other's legs.

Using their arms, the top partner should lift themselves slightly, pushing you closer together and creating more friction on the clitoris and vulva.

This position should be more of a rocking motion rather than thrusting to maintain the pressure and friction. Work together and find the pace that works best for you!

Trick of Treat

One partner bends over the bed whilst the other stands behind.

The standing partner then teases their partner, alternating between hands, mouth or sex toy or perhaps mix it up with other textures such as a feather, ice cubes, oils… be as creative (or spooky) as you like!

Be sure to mix it up, this really adds to the fun and sexual tension.

The Scream

With The Scream, the penetrating partner lies on their back, with the other partner on top.

The person on top leans back, using the other’s thighs for support.

This change of penetrative angle can make a great position for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation.  


The Vampire

For The Vampire, get into missionary, whilst the bottom partner raises their legs into a V position.

If you need to change up the angle, the top partner can switch to a kneeling position or add a pillow under the hips of the bottom partner. 


Shivers is a real spine-tingler and is designed for non-penetrative play. It can be recommended to use a simple handheld vibrator like the MIA or ALIA, or a larger toy like the Smart Wand.

One partner lies face down with their legs slightly parted whilst the other uses a vibrator all over their back, gradually getting closer to the sweet spot, starting to tease the partner.

You will notice sensitive spots around your partner's body based on their reaction, and you can run a vibrator up and down the body, along the spine, whilst changing the settings to really build up arousal and desire.

Three Legged Monster 

This position is face-to-face, with one partner standing or leaning against the wall; the other can keep one leg on the floor, supported by their partner to change the angle and depth of penetration.

If height difference is a problem, use a stool or similar to rest the lifted leg on.

Being one leg down can make this more of a struggle for staying in one position for the whole time, so you may want to mix this one up with other positions or change moves throughout! 

Sex and Relationship Expert for LELO UK, Kate Moyle, said: “Sensuality, curiosity and communication are key ingredients of sexual experiences, which allow you to connect, explore and enjoy."

"Trying new things and exploring new positions is a great way of breaking away from routine, and builds up anticipation which is the most natural aphrodisiac we have and encourages both arousal and desire" added Ms Moyle.

Marcella Zanchi, Marketing Manager for LELO UK, said: “Sex should be fun, fulfiling and empowering for all.."

Adding"So whether you are looking for inspiration or new things to try, we hope that these spookily sexy positions help to spark some passion this Halloween that truly makes you go bump in the night.”

Sex should be fun, fulfiling and empowering for all.."

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