The Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty Collection Is Too Cute For Words

“Icon” is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to Hello Kitty, no word is apter. Ever since the character’s first appearance in 1974, she has been in books and made into plushes, rugs, kitchenware, food, and pretty much everything else under the sun. And now, on Friday, March 6, Dr. Martens will drop its own Hello Kitty collaboration. The shoes will be available in Dr. Martens stores worldwide and on — and they’re absolutely as cute as you’d expect.

In celebration of both brands’ 60th anniversaries, Hello Kitty and Dr. Martens created a capsule collection including the platform boot, loafers, sandals. The shoes incorporate the Sanrio character in different, immediately-recognizable ways, with hearts, bows, and, of course, images of Hello Kitty. The shoes are also all black, which provides a fun twist on the eccentric Harajuku aesthetic.

This isn’t Hello Kitty and Dr. Martens’ first collab together; the two also joined forces for their 50th anniversaries in 2010 and previously had a handful of other collabs over the years. The mix of hard and soft that is combat boots and the sweet cartoon character is simply kismet. The newest collection is a sleek new iteration of the partnership and will be available in a full run of women’s and kid’s sizes, alongside a heart-shaped satchel, socks, laces, a pin badge, and a lace jewel.

The Jadon Hello Kitty boot brings together Dr. Martens’ iconic 8-eye Boots and Hello Kitty in varying colored outfits. The character pops up on the ankle in a yellow outfit on one boot and her classic blue-and-red on the other. Hello Kitty is written in bold, white font up the back and a chunky zipper goes up the inner ankle. The boot and imagery fuse together cutesy and hardcore perfectly.

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The Hello Kitty x Dr. Martens 1461 loafers come in sleek black and have a heart-shaped window where Hello Kitty waves on one shoe and her sister Mimmy waves from the other. Hello Kitty is written up the back of the ankle in white, and the loafer sits on a 1.5” platform.

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Atop a triple-height platform is the Hello Kitty Sandal. Decorated in Hello Kitty’s bright red bow, the sandals also feature a white-and-yellow heel tag, rather than the classic Doc black-and-yellow. They are also 100% vegan.

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Among the accessories that will be released with the collection is this vegan leather, heart-shaped satchel. With a large red bow graphic as the top of the bag and Hello Kitty peeking out from behind the clasp, it’s certifiably adorable. The purse also has a few subtle Hello Kitty motifs decorating it on every side.

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60 years old looks good on both the brands, and at this rate, I can’t wait to see what their 70th-anniversary collab looks like. The sleek new take on Hello Kitty and Dr. Martens will be available worldwide via Dr. Martens stores and on its website come March 6.

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