TikTok's Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Dupe Is on Sale

The latest affordable find from TikTok that shoppers are obsessing over is on sale! The dupe of the popular Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress — a sporty frock with built-in shorts and pockets — is a more comfortable alternative to the usual sports bra and leggings outfit. 

User @cora.b.gallery shared the dupe on the app. She captioned the video, “Okay i found the PERFECT dupe for the OV exercise dress that no one is talking about yet!” 

In the video, the user models the $40 athleisure dress from Halara, which has built-in shorts, pockets, adjustable straps and removable pads. The user says it’s a great dupe for the $100 Outdoor Voices dress, saying, “I’ve tried the Outdoor Voices one and this is the exact same. She’s got padding, she’s got biker shorts underneath, she’s so comfortable, she looks good from the side.” 

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