Woman reveals hack that will make your bed sheets dry quicker – but not everyone is convinced

WITH the sun nowhere to be seen, the weather in the UK right now isn't ideal if you want to hang your washing out to dry.

Luckily, one mum has shared a simple hack which gets them dry a whole lot faster.

Kimberly, who shares DIY and home hacks on her Instagram page shared the nifty trick with her followers.

In the caption, Kimberly writes: "Did you know you can put your sheets on your bed straight out of the washing machine?

"They dry quicker than you might think and leave your room smelling wonderful!"

She simply takes her linen from the washing machine and spreads them over the bed.

Kimberly says by doing this the sheets will dry quickly and leave your house smelling of freshly cleaned laundry throughout, what's not to love?

In a comment, kimberly said the bed linen usually dries in less than two hours with this method, but others weren't convinced by her hack.

One user wrote: "Doesn't your bed get wet?"

Another user responded: "Uhhhhhh. Idk about this. lol."

A third replied: "My sheet stayed damp. No top sheet just a fitted and duvet. And I only did this with the fitted."

Kimberly does note in the comments that she puts the sheets on a high speed spin to get the majority of water out before putting them on the bed and that if you live somewhere with humidity it may not be the best hack for you.

The hack may not be for everyone but there was also a fair amount of people willing to try the hack to try and make their lives a bit easier.

One user said: "Been doing this since I learned it from you and it's amazing how tight they stay too."

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