Woman shows off stunning cupboard-under-the-stairs storage her dad built in a week & people love what she’s using it for

A WOMAN who was looking for a way to store her family photo albums has shown off the stunning storage solution her dad built her under the stairs.

The Aussie mum came across the idea on Pinterest which not only acts as a chic shelving unit, but when pulled out reveals extra hidden storage.

Thrilled by how it turned out after just one week of work, the woman shared the end result on Facebook and people love the stunning use of space.

She wrote: "Just wanted to share what my father built in a week, we have so many photo albums and wanted to utilise the space under the stairs. Storage at its best!"

Her post, which also had a clip showing the retractable storage in action, was a hit and has racked up over 3.5k "likes" and hundreds of comments from DIY fans gushing over the look.

Many complimented her dad on his workmanship and creative ability, while others said it was such a good way to store the family albums.

"This is both amazing and inspirational," one person wrote

"Wow this is amazing what a great idea," said another.

While a third added: "Wow that’s so impressive. What a great use of this space"

And a fourth agreed: "So crafty and what a great way to utilise this space for storage and decor – love it"

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