You've been using Vaseline all wrong – the important step you've probably been skipping that makes ALL the difference

VASELINE seems pretty straightforward – just apply on your lips and get on with your day.

But, turns out, there's a vital step we've all been missing, according to this skincare expert.

In a short clip on TikTok, which has since gone viral, with over 230,000 views, Olivera (@skinbyolivera) revealed the right routine which will guarantee you a juicy and soft pout.

Though the weather is finally getting warmer, we still get the odd day of harsher winds and colder days, leaving us with dry and chapped winter lips.

But if you've noticed no difference in their appearance no matter how many tubes of Vaseline you go through, there might be a crucial step you've not incorporated in your beauty routine.

According to Olivera, who regularly shares skincare tips to her fanbase, it is important to prep your lips before reaching for petroleum jelly – this way, you will make the most out of its properties.

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The simple yet effective trick, she explained, is moistening your pout – in the clip, she ran her fingers under a stream of water and then tapped on her lips.

''Never apply to a dry lip.

''The balm will seal in the moisture,'' Olivera insisted, claiming this is the ''best tip to keep your lips hydrated all winter long''.

With some thanking and others sceptical, viewers were left divided.

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A professional approved of her hack and commented: ''as a medical aesthetician this is a great tip!!

''Vaseline is an occlusive so it creates a seal and prevents moisture loss from skin.''


''i always did this and it’s way better than putting balm on dry lips [sic],'' a second added.

But not everyone shared the same opinion, with one claiming this was ''not how this works''.

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''I guess dry hands should just soak. good theory but based on nothing [sic].''

A fellow critical user thought: ''itd be more efficient to just DRINK water [sic].''

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