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Mike Bloomberg slams Donald Trump’s coronavirus response and says Barack Obama was ‘much better prepared’ on ebola – The Sun

DONALD Trump isn't nearly as prepared for a coronavirus pandemic as Barack Obama was during the ebola crisis nearly six years ago, or so Mike Bloomberg thinks. The Democratic presidential candidate slammed Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak and compared his plan of action to the president's predecessor Obama during his administration in a recent

Stubborn dog throws himself down on his family's driveway

Stop hounding me! Stubborn dog throws himself down on his family’s driveway in a bid to prolong his nightly walk – forcing his master to carry him inside Owner Maci Coryell returns from a walk with her son Dylan and their two dogs Six-month old Great Pyrenees Husky cross Bleu refuses to walk back into

Crooked taxi drivers are delivering kids to British sex beasts quicker than takeaway pizzas on ‘paedo paradise’ island – The Sun

TEENAGERS are being delivered to the hotel rooms of perverted British tourists in a place dubbed the ‘poor man’s’ paedophile island, Sun Online can reveal. Elderly and middle-aged predators are indulging in Viagra-fuelled, Jeffrey Epstein-style holidays in the Dominican Republic where children are being served up like takeaway pizzas. During our week-long investigation in the