90 Day Fiance Season 8: Meet The New (and Familiar) Couples!

90 Day Fiance has what feels like dozens of spinoffs, but the franchise all started with the original series.

That series is returning for Season 8 on December 6.

Below, you can see the three familiar, returning couples and meet the four brand new couples.

These stars each have their own stories and backgrounds — some more unique than others.

Each couple has their own drama potential.

Season 8 looks like it will have the franchise's first polyamorous storyline, something that is welcome and long overdue.

We'll see young couples, age gaps, and couples struggling with our immigration system just as the pandemic hits.

Read about the new stars and then watch the Season 8 trailer for yourself:

1.Rebecca and Zied

2.Zied has had a lot of growth

3.That's not the end of their conflict, however

4.Brandon and Julia

5.They have different lifestyles

6.And that's just a taste of the drama

7.Tarik and Hazel

8.Now, Hazel is coming to the US

9.Hazel is bi

10.Her sexuality isn't new information

11.This will be an exciting season!

12.Andrew and Amira

13.Amira ends up in detention

14.Stephanie and Ryan

15.But …

16.Mike and Natalie

17.Things move quickly

18.Jovi and Yara

19.But …

20.Watch the trailer for yourself

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