Adam Levine apologises for 'unprofessional behaviour' at Maroon 5 concert

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has apologised for his ‘unprofessional behaviour’ at a concert in Chile after fans were left outraged.

The singer took to Instagram to film a video after the band’s performance at the prestigious Vina del Mar festival.

Describing the event as a ‘rite of passage’, he firstly thanked fans for having him and the band.

He said: ‘I am so excited and passionate about concerts and about being my best, and about the band being our best…’

‘Performing, I take so seriously – sometimes too seriously – and to be totally frank, there were some things holding me back sonically last night and I let them get to me and it impacted how I was behaving on stage, which was unprofessional and I apologise for that.’

The Girls Like You hitmaker, who previously performed at the Super Bowl, added: ‘It’s always in the interest of being my best and representing the band in the best way.

‘Sometimes when those technical problems take place, I zero in and focus as much as I can on singing because I feel like that will be the best way to put this thing out on TV for 60 million people, which was what that show was last night.

‘I wanted to sound good number one, and I wanted to look good and feel good number two, because if it doesn’t sound good, what’s the point?’

The star admitted: ‘I did let you guys down and I’m sorry.’

He went on to say: ‘We adore our Chilean fans, we absolutely love coming here. Last night wasn’t our best, and for that all I can say is I’m really sorry.’

Fans were left outraged by the band’s performance at the concert, with one fuming on Twitter: ‘Adam levine went to a latin american festival arrived 30 min late dressed with dirty clothes sang like s*** and after that insulted the city and their people this will obviously be forgotten in a week but i imagine a woman doing this and i know her career would be over forever.’

‘Can y’all believe #Maroon5 just did the s***tiest show ever?’ another asked.

‘The biggest indecency I’ve seen in shows. Boring. Deflated No desire Without energy. My neighbor’s cat has more enthusiasm than Adam Levine,’ one more said.

Some fans, meanwhile, have been supportive of the singer, with one writing: ‘Ok before everyone goes crazy on Maroon 5 and @adamlevine please stop and ask yourself if you have ever had a rough day at work.

‘These are people, not robots. People have days they are tired, exhausted, sad, frustrated, etc. so chill out. #Maroon5.’

Another said: ‘Thank you for apologizing, @adamlevine. I’m sorry for being so rude before, that was unnecessary (these are hard times in our country, human rights are being violated, we’re all quite jumpy). I hope we all learn from this.’

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