Alicia Keys Debuts New Song ‘Good Job’ That Is A Tribute To Frontline Workers During Pandemic

Alicia Keys has premiered a brand new song called “Good Job”.

During her appearance on CNN today, the Grammy winning musician revealed the powerful anthem, which is dedicated to all the frontline workers who are stepping up during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It has always been such a personal song and such a poignant song,” Alicia explained of the track’s original message. “And every time I play it, I want to cry because I’m thinking of my mother, I’m thinking of my grandmother, I’m thinking of friends of mine who can’t make ends meet.”

She added that now the song has taken on a new meaning.

“A lot of times people don’t feel like they’re doing a good job. They feel underwater and like there’s never going to be a brighter day,” Alicia says. “Fast forward to now, with where we are now, and it’s almost like the song was written for this and I didn’t know it.”

Listen and watch Alicia‘s video of the track below!

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