Anna Duggar: Did She Snub Josh on Their Anniversary?

Rumors about Anna Duggar divorcing Josh Duggar have been circulating for years.

But sadly, it seems they’re mostly just the result of wishful thinking on the part of Duggar fans and critics.

Despite all of the torment he’s put her through, Anna seems intent on sticking by Josh’s side.

Still, those who have been watching the situation closely say that they’ve picked up on occasional signs that all is not well among the Duggar clan’s most troubled couple.

One such sign came earlier this week, when Josh and Anna celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary.

“12 years ago today we said, ‘I do!’ I’m so thankful for God’s grace and kindness that has continually surrounded our family!” Anna captioned the  photo above.

“Joshua, I’m looking forward to growing old with you!”

Pretty nice stuff. Certainly more than Josh deserves, anyway.

But when you compare that post to Anna’s comments from last year, you can see why fans have arrived at the conclusion that she’s starting to sour on her disgraced husband.

“11 years ago, before God, our family and friends we said, ‘I do!’ — and my how the past 11 years have flown by!” Anna wrote on the occasion of her eleventh anniversary.

“The joys we’ve experienced together have far surpassed the shadows of sorrow we’ve walked through. Through it all, God’s kindness and grace has sustained us,” she added.

“I am thankful for the 7 children He has given us together (5 here/1 in heaven/1 due in Nov)! I love you so much Joshua and look forward to growing old together! (Gotta admit though…being young together is pretty fun too!)”

She added the hashtags:

“#littleduggars #Josh #Anna #Duggar #anniversary #10anniversary #love”

Needless to say, last year’s post seems a lot more enthusiastic.

Sure, there was that one line about “the shadows of sorrows we’ve walked through,” but that was likely a reference to the death of Mary Duggar, Josh’s grandmother who had passed away just two months prior.

Josh is not on social media at all — Instagram generally isn’t very kind to people who have molested five young girls — but Anna usually marks the occasion of their anniversary with a lengthy tribute of 100 words or more.

This year, she gave the guy a measly two sentences.

Many fans were quick to point out that Anna has been far more verbose in her praise in years past.

But as is always the case — either because she attracts a lot of pity and positivity, or because she quickly spots and weeds out negative remarks — most of the commenters were ebullient in their praise of the couple.

“You have a beautiful love story,” one fan wrote.

“God redeems. I admire your heart SO much, and the strength it took to forgive.”

“Anna you are a freaking saint,” another added.

Obviously, that second comment can be taken either way.

The person who wrote it conspicuously made no mention of Josh when praising Anna.

In conclusion, we’ll do the same — happy ANNA-versary to the longest-suffering wife in the history of reality television.

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