Best gel nail kits for 2020 – get salon worthy nails at home

The occasional visit to your local salon will always feel like a well deserved treat but honestly speaking, can become quite the costly expense to maintain.

If you've ever suffered through a set of acrylic nails you'll know that although they're much cheaper (perhaps why they're so desirable), they can wreak havoc on your natural nails in the long run.

Many of us now opt for gel manicures, which as less stress on the nails. Gels can be used for nail extensions (like acrylics) or just as a super hard-wearing colour.

All gel colours must be cured with a UV lamp, they massively help to seal the colour and keep nails looking fresh for up to 14 days.

A lot of starter kits now come with the lamps, the colours and all of the trimmings for an envy-inducing manicure – we've listed some of the best below.

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Best gel nail kits for 2020

1. Rio 14 Day LED Gel Polish Nails

If you're looking for an affordable set to get you started on your way to fab nails at home, this set from Rio comes with the vitals you'll need.

The set has been designed to work with your existing nail polishes, so you don't have to splash out on pricier gel alternatives.

Included in the set is a gel top and base coat, an LED UV lamp with USB charging cable, lint-free wipes and some finishing wipes for high shine. Curing takes as little as 60 seconds and your nails will last you anywhere from 7 – 14 days.

Price: £29.99, Argos – buy here now

2. Red Carpet Manicure Must Haves Kit

If you're already quite equipped in nail know how, this is a great kit to replenish your existing collection.

With everything from cuticle oil, to cleansing solutions as well as a top and base coat; the set contains everything you'll need to create salon-worthy nails from the comfort of your own home.

Price: £35, Look Fantastic – buy here now

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3. Mylee Complete Professional Gel Nail Polish Kit

If you think about how much you'd spend in a month on manicures and infills – £75 doesn't seem like a completely horrible deal for a full kit.

Mylee's Complete Professional kit comes with all of the essentials needed for perfect nails at home. Included in your set is a sleek LED lamp, which cures nails in just 15 seconds, which is much quicker than many on the market.

Also included in the set are top and base coats, four gel colours, a remover and 100 lint-free high shine wipes.

Price: £75, Amazon – buy here now

4. Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit

This starter kit from Sensationail comes with enough of everything to give you up to 10 salon-worthy manicures of pedicures.

As well as a LED lamp, a priming solution and cleaner; it also comes available with four different tones to choose from.

Colour is free from chipping, peeling or damage for up to two weeks.

Price: £50, Amazon – buy here now

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5. Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit – Milkshake

This unique kit is perfect for mani's on the go, the mini kit is super transportable, making it a top option for the busy woman who doesn't always have time to sit and give her nails the attention.

The LED lamp is USB connected so will power up through a laptop or power bank when you're out and about. It also cures in just 30 seconds, which isn't a bad amount of time considering.

The 3 in 1 gel polish s also handy as it combines a top and base coat within the formula, so even less things to carry around with you.

Price: £27.95, Feel Unique – buy here now

6. Gellen Gel Nail Polish Kit

Experience the ful lsalon experience from home, with this set from Gellen.

Along with an LED UV lamp that cures in around 45 seconds, the set includes a top and base coat, six different gel colours and a whole host of equipment to practice nail art too.

And it's all for the price of less than your normal salon manicure.

Price: £25.99, Amazon – buy here now

If you've already got the majority of your tools but are just looking for some colours to add to the library, this set of six nude tones from HNM is one to consider.

When cured properly under an LED lamp, colours can last anywhere between two to three weeks, without chipping or damage.

Price: £9.99, Amazon – buy here now

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8. Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED Kit

Red Carpet's Manicure Professional kit is the complete package, it comes with all the essentials to cleanse, prime ad prep your nails for a salon worthy manicure.

The set also includes a professional LED light with timer function and luxurious, red gel polish.

Price: £89.95, Look Fantastic – buy here now

9. Gellen Gel Nail Polishes

Enjoy six versatile gel tones from Gellen, the colours are long wearing and will last up to three weeks if maintained properly.

If you've got the rest of the kit at home and just need some new colours, at under £11 for six premium colours – it's a pretty good bargain.

Price: £10.99, Amazon – buy here now

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