Best shampoo for coloured hair

Coloured hair feeling a little under the weather? Don’t panic, you can easily bring back its spark between treatments with the right shine-boosting products.

The best shampoo for coloured hair will revive, restore and revitalise tired-out tresses. Dyed hair often needs a little extra TLC as it can be stripped of its natural oils. So buying the right shampoo will help to get your glow back.

Give red hair the kiss of life with a blue-based shampoo; blondes may want to banish brassiness and bring back a soft golden glow; and brunettes will want to replenish a rich hue and add gloss.

We’ve rounded up the top shampoos for coloured hair below so you can take your locks from lacklustre to luminous in 60 seconds.  Hello lustrous, goodbye lifeless…

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Best shampoo for coloured hair

1. Sexy Hair Blonde Bright Blonde Shampoo 300ml

We applaud being bold as brass but your hair doesn't need to follow suit. This violet shampoo cleanses eliminates yellow tones.

Packed with chamomile, honey and quinoa, it helps to restore moisture, protect colour vibrancy and condition deep within the hair's cortex for brighter, stronger, healthier locks.

The colour-protecting shampoo shields the surface to prevent breakage while the violet pigments counteract brassiness. The 1000ml bottle? An extra bonus.

Price: £23, Amazon – buy here now

2.  Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo 1000ml

Put those brassy, orange tones into neutral with this colour-refreshing shampoo for redheads.

It gets rid of daily grime while infusing hair with blue-violet pigments that counteract copper and yellowness, making it ideal for redheads who lighten their hair.

Breakage and brittleness is reduced with nourishing essential oils, which add strength and restore a glassy shine.

What’s more, the 1000ml bottle means you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Price: £19, Look Fantastic – buy here now

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3. Aveda Colour Conserve Shampoo

Clean beauty queens will love this all-natural shampoo that keeps your colour-treated hair vivacious and vibrant.

Lavender extracts and ylang ylang combine to create a no-fade formula that also protects your tresses from other aggressors like the sun.

Ideal for all hair colours, it deeply conditions for stronger, healthier-looking locks.

Price: £16.50, Amazon – buy here now

4. John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Protect Moisturising Shampoo 250ml

Brown-haired beauties will want to snap up this shampoo, sharpish.

The colour-saving formula will protect and preserve your colour while, at the same time, rehydrating and replenishing dry strands for a gorgeous gloss-over.

A lovely product at a very reasonable price that will have you feeling – and looking – like you just stepped out of a salon.

Price: £5.99, Feel Unique – buy here now

5. Plantur 39 Shampoo for Coloured & Stressed Hair 250ml

This is one for those over 40 and fabulous ladies who dye their hair.

Just as your morning coffee fix kickstarts your day, this caffeine-rich formula is a pick-me-up for tuckered-out tresses.

It prevents exhaustion of hair growth deep into the follicle, and a combination of natural wheat extracts and provitamin B5 condition, repair and protect coloured and stressed hair.

Damaged hair strands are smoothed and your looks will get a lustrous boost. What are you waiting for? Get glowing.

Price: £8.99, Amazon – buy here now

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6. Color WOW Colour Security Shampoo 250ml

Catering for coloured hair of all hues, this lightweight but luxurious shampoo uses a Japanese amino-fortified complex to help prevent breakage and dullness.

It also has a no-fade formula to leave locks vibrant, full of life and healthy-looking.

Price: £19.50, Amazon – buy here now

7. Trevor Sorbie Colour Protect Shampoo 250ml

We love Trevor Sorbie's products for their sulfate, paraben and cruelty-free formulas.

This shampoo for all colour-treated hair helps protect and enhance your hue and contains UV filter and green tea to revitalise and prevent fade.

A great price with a conscience, and result-driven – we love.

Price: £6.99, Superdrug – buy here now

8. Bleach London Silver Shampoo 250ml

Keep yellow tones at bay with this violet pigment shampoo that will brighten up your 'do.

Vitamin B5 and wheat proteins moisturise your locks, and is brilliant for making white-blonde sparkle or a brighter, lighter white.

Also available in 500ml if you fall in love with it.

Price: £6.49, Superdrug – buy here now

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