Bethenny Frankel is distributing coronavirus prevention kits and cash cards

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I just wrote in my post about Lin-Manuel Miranda and the newly released Hamilton duet a few of the things that companies are trying to do to support people who are home right now in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, either because of shutdowns or quarantine. Another celebrity who is helping out her fellow citizens is Bethenny Frankel. People has more:

Through the BStrong initiative and their partner, Global Empowerment Mission, she is raising funds to put together what she calls “BStrong corona kits.”

“BStrong corona kits will have the essentials for families to prevent [coronavirus],” Frankel shares. “We will give them masks and gloves and I’ve gotten hydration kits donated and antibacterial and sanitization wipes as well.”

“Our goal is to create 20,000 kits,” she says, and she plans to distribute them for prevention in poverty-stricken areas.

BStrong is also raising money for cash cards to be distributed to parents who cannot afford to keep their children out of school and to help provide lunches. They have already raised $50,000, she says.

“Bstrong is an initiative for people in crisis and this is a crisis,” she says. “My place of yes is taking a terrible situation and finding my way to help — without blame or politics, we simply get involved and do our part.”

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Bethenny said that she was moved to do this when she realized that a lot of schools in New York City weren’t closing in part because the children would have nowhere to go and wouldn’t have meals during the day. She said: “That made me feel just so sad for people whose children are less fortunate and have to be at school even if the parents don’t want them to.” Facemasks won’t eliminate the risk of getting ill, but keeping your hands clean is so important. This isn’t the first time that Bethenny has used her BStrong initiative to help out during crises, and it’s wonderful of her to do.

Considering that there are awful people who are hoarding hand-sanitizer, I’m glad that Bethenny wants to distribute it, though I think her efforts to provide money for meals for children who might otherwise go without are going to be more useful. (Those two jerks will donate their 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer. How about not buying all of it in the first place?) On Sunday afternoon, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the schools in the city would close starting today, so those cash cards for meals will be essential.

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