Billie Eilish Addresses That Fake Sex Tape & People Pretending to Be Her

Billie Eilish is speaking out to address some rumors about her.

The 18-year-old singer chatted with Dazed and was asked about the amateur adult film that some people seem to believe features her.

“You think I would be having sex on a train in daylight? With a dress on and fishnets and a f–king peace-sign necklace? Dog, come on!” Billie said.

Billie also talked about how people pretend to be her while walking around in real life.

“People put a f–kin’ green and black wig on and go out in public and pretend to be me,” she said. “They hire security and get a nice car, to be famous for a day. I think that shit is so f–kin’ annoying!”

“It makes me look bad – if they’re being a d–k, then everyone’s gonna think I was a dick,” she added. “It’s so mean. Every day I’m afraid someone is gonna do something – either fake something viral, or there’s gonna be some…I don’t even know what.”

Billie also discussed the recent accomplishment that embarrassed her.

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