Christina Cimorelli Reveals She’s Pregnant After Suffering Miscarriage

Christina Cimorelli is pregnant!

The Cimorelli member and her husband Nick Reali made the announcement on YouTube on Saturday (February 29).

“We are so thrilled to announce that CHRISTINA IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! ??,” the singing group captioned the video. “Make sure to check out the videos below for back story if you’re just now joining this journey! Thank you guys for all the amazing support, well wishes and prayers the last few months. There have been a lot of ups and downs but Christina is doing really well and we are all SO happy for her and Nick. Please continue to pray for them as they start their family and make sure to subscribe for more updates! Love you guys!!”

“I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!! ?????,” Christina added on Instagram. “Yes, I can’t believe it either! If you’re as shocked as I was, watch the video on our YouTube channel (cimorellitheband) and I’ll explain everything haha. Also, I posted a first trimester update video on my YouTube channel (chriscim)! More in depth posts about my experience coming soon but for now…. I just wanna say we are so beyond grateful and excited to welcome our child into this world in August ???✨.”

Christina Cimorelli opened up to fans about suffering a miscarriage last month.

Congratulations the happy couple!

Watch the video now to hear their full story.

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