Dan Walker: BBC host taunted and branded ‘clueless’ after demanding coronavirus updates

Dan Walker, 43, was hit with a wave of scepticism on Sunday from one unhappy fan, who took a disliking to his post about coronavirus daily updates. After he posted a tweet dedicated to informing the public with helpful information about COVID-19, the disgruntled viewer mocked his mission, branding him ‘“clueless” in the process.

Stop being a goon Davy. My whole point is ‘listen to the experts’

Dan Walker

The virus, which is slowly shutting down countries across the world, has created hysteria among the public and the host was adamant it would be safer to reassure everyone with daily updates.

“With so much speculation, concern and rumour around #CoronaVirus I think we have reached the time for a daily government/chief medical adviser press conference where the very latest advice and information is given, he said, in view of his 623,700 followers.

“We all need to know what is happening and why.”

But amid the panic, he came under fire as the latest celebrity getting involved with advice “only experts should give”.


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One fan took to the comment section to tear into the BBC Breakfast host, and slammed him for his “clueless” points.

One mocked: “Oh look, another celebrity we’re supposed to listen to!!! Quick everybody, listen to the clueless ones!”

Dan was quick to respond and hit back with: “Stop being a goon Davy. My whole point is ‘listen to the experts’”.

Other fans from around the world dived in to share their experiences in other countries and how they were handling the outbreak – all of which agreed with Dan’s suggestion.

But Dan isn’t the only one to come under fire by panicked members off the pubic.

His rival breakfast show host, Good morning Britain’s Piers Morgan, has been thrown to the dogs on social media as he continues to “scaremonger” and “worry” people with his opinions on the pandemic.

The ITV host has been embroiled in many Twitter taunts regarding his constant bombarding for the government to appear on the ITV morning show.

But while Piers hurls his anger towards Prime Minister all sorts to Boris Johnson and number 10, viewers weren’t happy when Dan revealed MPs would be featuring on today’s BBC Breakfast show dedicated to coronavirus.

In a separate tweet, posted just hours after, the host assured viewers that the BBC show would be giving up to date, clear and accurate information about the coronavirus that everyone needs to know.

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He shared today’s schedule and how it’ll be conducted, stating: “Really busy #BBCBreakfast for you in the morning/“

“We’ll try & give you the latest clear, accurate & helpful information about #CoronaVirus. Experts & leading politicians will join us & we’ll look at the new measures being put into place the UK & around the world. Join us from 6am.”

While many were glad that the BBC are taking an active approach to informing the public about the current pandemic that’s slowly bringing the world to a halt, others weren’t happy with MPs featuring on the show.

One demanded: “Can we just have the medical experts and not the politicians please?”


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Another snapped: “Can you tell the politicians to stay at home please. We only need to hear from the experts.”

“Please don’t have anyone working for the #Lying #Tory Gov or #Farage Your credibility is at stake #BBC,” a third pleaded.

A fourth corrected the host: “Experts Dan, experts not idiots trying to whip up mass hysteria.”

“So you’re just going to allow more MPs some air time to continue to confuse us Dan?” A fifth seemed exasperated.

While there will be MP officials fearing on the red sofa, Dan was sent lots of important questions viewers wanted answered by the experts.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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