David Bowie’s Ex-Wife Gets Candid Why She Supported His 12-Month Affair

Opening up about the ‘Under Pressure’ hitmaker’s relationship with Laurita Watson, Angie Bowie claims that her ex-husband’s mistress had a closer friendship with her than with him.

AceShowbizDavid Bowie‘s ex-wife Angie didn’t mind the star’s 12-month affair with American restaurant owner, Laurita Watson, as it made him “feel good.”

Angie, 70, told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper she supported the “Heroes” star during the “bizarre” yet “wonderful” love triangle, and revealed her husband’s mistress often stayed at the couple’s Maida Vale flat in London.

“I don’t know anyone else who could have an affair with my husband/business partner and never upset me or make me feel disrespected or neglected. I loved that her relationship with David made him feel good,” she said.

Laurita grew up in New York’s notorious Harlem district and met David and Angie when she moved to London in 1972, giving up her career after years of running a successful New York brothel.

Speaking about the love affair, Laurita said she had a closer friendship with Angie than David – and called the setup “very spiritual.”

She went on to explain she was initially friends with Angie, and her romance with the Labyrinth star developed later. However, she neglected to share details about her physical relationship with Bowie, hinting that she would leave that for her upcoming tell-all book.

And despite Laurita making moves on her husband, Angie insisted there was never any “animosity,” sharing, “Our friendship was so bizarre and wonderful and succeeded where, to all intents and purposes, it should never have taken root and blossomed.”

Angie and David married in 1970, and split after nine years, finally divorcing on 8 February, 1980, in Switzerland. The couple shared son Zowie Bowie, 48, who reverted to his birth name Duncan Jones when he was 18.

The “Starman” hitmaker died in 2016, two days after his 69th birthday.

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