Donald Trump Was Playing Golf When Biden Was Declared the Next President

It is being reported that Donald Trump was at his golf course in Virginia when his opponent Joe Biden was declared as the projected winner of the presidential election.

Political reporters revealed on Saturday morning (November 7) that Trump arrived at the golf course and just minutes later, Pennsylvania was called for Biden and that gave him the presidency.

At around 12:35pm EST, CNN showed live footage of the golf course and reported that he seemingly was still there playing a round of golf. says that Trump has made 283 visits to golf clubs since his inauguration, with evidence of playing golf on at least 140 visits, as of October 16, 2020. The estimated cost to taxpayers for these visits is $142 million.

Despite Trump being on the golf course, his team released a statement on his behalf in which he said that his campaign will be going to court on Monday to fight the vote counts.

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