Dr. Oz Says No More Handshakes Because Coronavirus Is Most Contagious

Dr. Oz is moving on from his crusade against breakfast to urge people to quit another customary activity in everyday life — shaking hands.

The TV doc tells TMZ … coronavirus fears are warranted because it’s proving to be 5 times more contagious than the seasonal flu, but there are immediate steps everyone can take to help limit its spread. First and foremost … cancel handshakes.

Dr. Oz points out that COVID-19 has elements which make it very difficult to control — something he alluded to in January — but by replacing a handshake with a fist bump, there’s 10 times less bacteria transferred … so that’s a good start.

He even offers a fun way to do the friendly exchange, compliments of Rev. Run. You gotta check it out.

By the way, Dr. Oz’s advice is directed at folks like celebs and politicians — who shake a lot of hands — but he urges everyone to get on board with the plan ASAP … because a vaccine’s still far off.

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