Elton John Hosted ‘Living Room Concert for America’ Raises Over $8 Million

The Living Room Concert for America raised a ton of money to support Feeding America and First Responders Children’s Foundation.

According to Variety, showrunners are reporting that the one-hour special event that aired this weekend raised over $8 million dollars for the organizations.

“I wouldn’t have guessed ten days ago that we’d be putting on a concert in primetime with no planning and no notice and pulled it off that way,” Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier shared with the site. “This is a moment where bringing people together, if we can do it, is really important.”

Elton John, who hosted the event, wasn’t the first choice to do so – an unnamed comedian almost was.

However, it turns out he was the perfect host for it, but he didn’t have a piano to perform with in the home he and his family are living in right now.

If you missed some of the performances from the night, you can check out Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys and Camila Cabello now!

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