Emma Watson Reveals the 'Very Worst Men' to Date

Though Emma Watson has been in the spotlight for more than two decades, she still manages to lead a pretty private life. The actor has been candid about the fact that being more conservative with details from her personal life allows people to believe her more when she steps into different roles. But despite Watson’s attempts to have privacy, people are still interested in her personal life. Her love life, in particular, is constantly being addressed. People seem to be endlessly curious about if Watson has a boyfriend and who she’s dating.

Emma Watson explains how she’s found boyfriends in the past

Dating is hard enough, but when you’re a celebrity, there’s a whole different set of issues to keep in mind. So how does someone with Watson’s level of fame find a boyfriend? In an interview with GQ UK, the Harry Potter alum revealed that she meets people the way many normal people do; through common spaces and mutual friends.

“Generally people I have dated have been friends of friends, or people that I have been in a class with,” Watson shared. “Someone that I have met under circumstances in which we are equals, so the fame thing doesn’t enter the situation. In a classroom, it is really just about who has the right answer or who has an interesting discussion point, and in those kinds of conversations and situations, everyone is equal.”

The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ star shares her worst date

Of course, Watson’s love life hasn’t always been smooth sailing. She admits that she’s had her fair share of doozies before finding a boyfriend with whom she is compatible. In fact, she had a pretty memorable dating horror story. Furthermore, she describes men who ask one very obvious question, “the worst.”

“The worst date I’ve ever been on was a guy who told me he couldn’t be friends with fat people or anyone who was unattractive, and I realized pretty quickly that he was a nutter, and I had to get out as quickly as I could,” Watson shared. “The very worst men are those that say, ‘Are you the girl from Harry Potter?’”

How does Watson know who is dating material?

Like most people, dating hasn’t always been easy for Watson. However, The Bling Ring actor has developed a knack for knowing if someone is boyfriend potential pretty quickly. Ultimately, she shares, it comes down to the ever-intangible chemistry.

“I guess I have developed an instinct for people that aren’t fazed by my situation,” Watson revealed. “You either have chemistry or you don’t. It becomes much more interpersonal, the relationship you have with that person, you either find that you are clicking with them or not.”

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